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It goes without saying that a cigarette holder has been the most popular and stylish accessory for a smoker for several centuries already. Who was the inventor and producer of the first cigarette is a mystery. It is generally accepted, that a cigarette holder was invented for a comfortable smoking of non-filter cigarettes and cigarillos and also to reduce harmful effect of tars emitted. Later on it became not only an accessory but an element of style.


The beginning of the XX century was marked by the fighting for women's rights and long ladies'cigarette holders came into fashion. There were elements of style for any woman of fashion. As the time passed, cigarette holders were decorated with gold, silver, carving. Cigarette holders made of fine wood, bone, amber.

Unfortunately, the attitude towards cigarette holders production changed during the post-industrial era. Producers started to use plastic, polimers, perspex and flow-production. Cigarette holders with a beautiful and unique carvings, amber cigarette holders, bone cigarette holders almost desappeared...

In our production we use only high-quality materials, applying our rich experience and our own technology that help us to reach the highest quality of our products. We are glad to offer You a wide variety of accessories to any taste and any budget: classical cigarette holders, amber cigarette holders, long cigarette holders, carved cigarette holders, bone cigarette holders, acrylic cigarette holders and other.


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